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Bowie 1250 Hydro-Mulcher

Skid Model

Trailer Model

Bowie Industries produces the 1250 Hydro-Mulcher for more production and new application challenges for hydro-seeders! The 1250 Hydro-Mulcher is economically priced with numerous features for a highly maneuverable, high production hydro-seeder unit for hose or tower applications. The 1250 features a powerful 50 hp Caterpillar Diesel engine, a Bowie rotary gear pump unmatched for pumping heavy slurries such as BFM’s and live stolons without cavitating or plugging. This positive displacement gear pump can pump thick slurries through hundreds of feet of hose making it one of the most powerful pieces of hydroseeding equipment available today.

The heavy-duty steel plate tank is prepared with a catalyzed epoxy resin coating on the inside including the agitator and shredder bar to prevent rusting and corrosion. There is a large loading hatch on top for easy cleaning and maintenance ; an enclosed shredder bar for shredding full bales of wood fiber mulch which provides for instant mulch grinding along with 2 agitators to keep the slurry homogenous and perform powerful mixing in a matter of seconds. All shafts are supported by self-aligning ball bearings and adjustable lubricated packings on inside of tank; 2 inch NPT water fill pipe ; powerful, industrial-grade chain and belt drive throughout. The mechanics are so simple that even the most common worker can perform routine maintenance, or even major repairs.

Standard features include the upper controls located on the top rear of the unit as well as a set of controls at ground level, a 2 inch Discharge Gun with quick coupling for easy removal, Chicksan swivel for smooth control of gun, full 360 degree rotation and 160 degree up and down movement; 4 nozzles for close, medium and long distance spraying; as well as temperature gauge, oil and generator light, horn signaling device, flarestat signal lights, 50 feet of hose, non-skid floor plate, safety guard rails, and trailerd units have electric brakes on both axles and an electric actuator, adjustable front dolly, and adjustable gooseneck type hitch.

When teamed with an auxiliary water tank, the 1250 gallon unit can easily apply as much material in a day as a machine three times its size. The key to this performance is loading and mixing quickly, utilizing tower operations and using an auxiliary water tank. The Bowie 1250 on trailer can easily be detached from your truck making it usable for other things, and your truck does not have to be dedicated to the hydro mulcher if the hydro mulcher is not being used all of the time.

Caterpillar Diesel Engine

CAT® financing available on any Bowie equipment built with a CAT power plant!

Caterpillar Financing Page

Engine: CAT-3024 Diesel, 50HP, water cooled, complete with starter, generator & clutch.

Pump: Your choice of a Bowie 2300 Positive Displacement Gear Pump or a 2"x3" Deming Centrifugal pump.

Drive: Gates® Industrial Belt and Diamond® Chain throughout.

Equipment: All controls located on top rear of unit, (Duplicate set of controls for operating from ground level). Temperature gauge and generator light, Horn signaling device, Flarestat signal lights, Non-skid floor plate, Safety guard rails around tank.

Discharge Gun: 2" all pipe with quick coupling for easy removal and swivel for smooth control of gun, Full 360 degree rotation and 160 degree up and down movement, 4 Nozzles for close, medium and long distance spraying.

Tank: 3/16" Steel plate tank, catalyzed epoxy resin coating on inside of tank, agitator and shredder bar to prevent rusting and corrosion. Large opening in top for easy cleaning and maintenance, Enclosed shredder bar for shredding full bales of wood cellulose fiber, 2 Agitators to keep slurry homogenous, All shafts supported by self-aligning ball bearings and adjustable lubricated packing on inside of tank, 2" NPT fill pipe.

Length: Skid 12'-10", Bumper Pull 19'-5", Gooseneck 21'-10"

Width: 7'-4"

Height: 8'-8"

Weight Empty: 5,980 lbs - Loaded weight, 15,000 lbs. (approx.).

Capacity: 1250-gallon tank, Maximum mulch capacity approx: 600 lbs. per tank load.

Frame: Mounted on tandem axles with 750x16 tires, Electric brakes, Running lights, Adjustable front dolly and Adjustable height ball type trailer hitch. Optional – Pintle hitch, Gooseneck pull or Skid mount.

Bowie Offers More!
More features than a Finn! More power than a Finn!
More options than a Finn! More economy than a Finn!

Options for Bowie Victor Series
3 pump options available, Gear, Centrifugal or Moyno. Manual or electric rewind hose reels, rigid or HD premium lay flat hose, Swivel mounts and remote rewinds for hose reel, Freshwater flush tank system, Custom railing and deck configurations, or Special color paint, Bowie can build a machine to fit your need.

  • Bowie Pump upgrades for 950/12(541)300 - 3" Pump Upgrade
  • 3500 - 3" Pump IB Upgrade
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Moyno Pump 4"
  • Set-up for future install of Moyno
  • Variable Speed Reverse Agitation
  • Fresh Water Flush System
  • Surge Brakes
  • Gooseneck for 950
  • Manual Hose Reel
  • Electric Hose Reel
  • Expanded Metal in Guard Rails
  • Hinged Opening in Guard Rail
  • 5' Cab-over Platform Extension
  • Fender Wells for frame mounting
  • Spare Tire
  • Plate on underside of floor

NOTE: All units priced F.O.B. factory or current location. Freight not included.

Click here to view the Bowie Warranty.

Bowie Hydro-Mulchers® Click a model below for more details.


Working Capacity (gallons)

Wood Fiber Mulch (per load)

Other Types of Fiber Mulch (per load)

Hydro-Seeding   (without mulch)

Hydro Mulcher 400 400 - - -
Hydro Mulcher 600 600 200 lb. 300 lb. 1 Acre
Hydro Mulcher 700 700 200 lb. 300 lb. 1 Acre
Hydro Mulcher 950 9(541)50 lb.   550 lb. 2 Acres
Hydro Mulcher 1250 1250 500 lb. 700 lb. 3 Acres
Hydro Mulcher 1700 1700 750 lb. 1000 lb. 4 Acres
Hydro Mulcher 3400 3400 1500 lb. 2200 lb. 10 Acres
CAT® financing available on any Bowie equipment built with a CAT power plant!

Equipment Inquiry

Looking to buy a new hydro-seeder or straw mulcher? Have questions about our used equipment inventory? Fill out our electronic inquiry form or call us at 1-800-826-8873!

100% Financing for Hydroseeding Equipment Available
* All payments listed are 60-month term with $1.00 buyout option at lease end.
Leases and Equipment Finance Agreements are available.

Order your new Bowie Hydro Mulcher with all the options!
Or build up your Bowie and take it to the max!

If you already own a Bowie Hydro Mulcher you can build-it-up with new parts and accessories from Emerald. Build-up your Bowie and join the many Bowie Hydro Mulcher owners classified as "Mega-Mulchers" - with the most productive and competitive hydro mulchers in the USA!!

Bowie Mega-Mulcher Hydro Mulcher

Bowie Imperial 3400 "Mega-Mulcher"©
- owned by a hydroseeding company in Texas. It has a 6 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine and two pumps! The additional Moyno pump is capable of pumping thick slurries through 1,500+ feet of hose uphill!

Blow the competition away, build a Bowie MEGA-MULCHER©!

Bowie options typically used to build a MEGA-MULCHER:

  • Moyno Pump
  • Centrifugal Pump upgrades
  • Gear Pump upgrades in size & quality
  • Flush Tank
  • Loading Elevator

And Much More...

  • Cab-over Platform Extension
  • Variable Speed Reversible Agitation
  • Gooseneck or Bumper Pull Trailer
  • Electric or Hydraulic Rewind Hose Reel

Please contact Emerald for pricing Mega-Mulcher options, parts and accessories.

BOWIE HYDRO MULCHERS® - the most productive and competitive hydro mulchers in the USA and the World!

Take it to the max!

Hydro-seeders and Hydro Mulchers are extremely versatile. We encourage owners of these specialized machines to take full advantage of all they’re capable of performing!

  • seeding
  • topdress mulching
  • hydro fertilizing
  • fire control
  • equipment washing
  • watering trees/new plantings
  • street washing
  • de-icing
  • water truck services
  • anything a water truck can do these can do better !

Find out how you can own and take full advantage of one of the hardest working, most efficient machines in the world! Call Emerald Equipment - Home of the Hydro'Pros!

1250 Gallon
Working Capacity!

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