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Emerald ADC Landfill Mulch


Wasting valuable space with soil cover?

Emerald's ADC Mulch alternative daily cover method changes dirt into dollars ! $$
Use spray-on mMulch as daily cover and make your air space pay you and collect tipping revenue that's lost due to using your soil as daily cover !
Old daily cover New daily cover
Mulching Landfill Trash with Waste-Cover Mulching Landfill Trash with Waste-Cover
Slow soil moving
man hours, fuel & labor
Quick & easy spray-on
ADC Mulch

With our ADC Mulch method your landfill can now:

  1. Generate thousands of dollars per year by collecting tipping fees for filling that daily 6 inches of working face with solid waste.
  2. Save thousands of dollars per year by eliminating many man hours in soil hauling and spreading.

Calculate the value of space
with Soil versus ADC Mulch method

Old Daily Cover Method -
Soil cover on 1/2 acre working face 6 inches deep using your own soil or free boiler ash.
New Daily Cover Method -
ADC Mulch used on 1/2 acre working face at 1/4" to 1/2" layer.
You lose 489 cy of space worth an average of $20 per cubic yard in tipping fees when your soil takes the place of solid waste. Frees-up 489 cubic yards of space worth $20 per cubic yard ! You can subtract the expense of the mulch and Hydromulcher.
You lose $9,780 per day
And still generate $9,025 per day! If you use ADC only 187 days per year that is a total of $ 1,683,000 per year in added revenue!

Applying our ADC Mulch allows you to skip the soil and instead just spray on specially formulated, recycled paper, landfill mulch quickly and easily.

Emerald ADC™ Landfill Mulch

This mulch is the alternate daily landfill cover made from recycled post consumer paper and wood, polymers, enzyme complex, biological stimulants, and other proprietary ingredients. It has been approved for use as a routine Alternative Daily Cover to minimize vector breeding and animal attraction, control leachate and erosion, reduce fire hazard potential, minimize blowing litter, reduce noxious odors, and provide an overall aesthetic appearance to the landfill. It helps breakdown the garbage faster and alleviate odors. All ingredients are not-toxic and biodegradable.
Alternative For Daily Cover Spray on Slurries (ASTM D 6523)
Meets Government Regulations Easy To Mix/Sprays Easily
Non Flammable Controls Blowing Litter
Repels Vermin Aesthetically Acceptable
Birds Don't Like to Land on it Controls Odor and Disease Vector
Saving Airspace Prolonging The Lifespan of Your Landfill

The life of any landfill depends on the remaining permitted available airspace. Each cubic yard of dirt used for daily cover results in permanent loss of revenue on space that cannot be sold. This spray-on mulch does not consume airspace and it meets or exceeds all of the performance criteria for Alternative Daily Cover material as required by the Standard Guide for Evaluation and Selection of Alternative Daily Cover (ADC's) for Sanitary Landfills (D-6523). When mixed in a Kincaid 1200LF Landfill Mulcher machine and sprayed on as a slurry it quickly sets up to create a complete cover that meets all regulatory requirements. Emerald's ADC will and has proven to be effective as alternative daily cover in landfills across the USA.

Alternative Daily Landfill CoverAdvantages of ADC Mulch as an Alternative Daily Cover

  • Simple to install in all weather conditions where tarps are difficult to install in windy conditions.
  • Frees up landfill space for more solid waste that pays.
  • Requires only 1 or 2 employees to mix and apply the mulch.
  • It only costs about 3 cent per sq. ft. or 27 cents per sq. yard for the ADC Mulch. (at $15.00 per bag covering 500 sq. ft.)
  • No removal required the following morning.
  • Working face size is not as critical as with tarps where you have to match size and configuration of the tarps.
  • Employees do not have to walk over the working face to apply it.
  • The blue color gives a pleasing appearance and makes it easy to see coverage.
  • Non-toxic and safe to handle / biodegradable / non-flammable.
  • Made of recycled paper and wood.

Mix Ratio and Coverage Data

Mix ratio: 1 bag to 70 gallons water
Coverage (1 bag): 450 sq. ft. per bag

Application and Coverage Data

Amount Water
Pounds of Emerald's ADC
Number of Bags
Coverage Sq. Ft.
550 gal
420 gal
300 lbs
2700 sq. ft.
700 gal
560 gal
400 lbs
3600 sq. ft.
900 gal
770 gal
550 lbs
4950 sq. ft.
1100 gal
910 gal
650 lbs
5860 sq. ft.
1200 gal
1050 gal
750 lbs
6750 sq. ft.
1500 gal
1330 gal
950 lbs
8550 sq. ft.
Landfill Managers - Don't be the last to know!
A recent article in The Bulletin, Bend, Oregon's newspaper explains the benefits of using a hydromulch system for landfill daily cover.

Landfill Odor ControlClick here for details on the new Landfill Odor Control Product OC1050.


For landfills that have a local, economical source for paper mulch, Emerald offers Enviro-Cap ADC Additive for creating your own ADC mulch! Add Enviro-Cap to your paper mulch or any hydraulic mulch and meet all the EPA requirements for ADC mulch! This process, using Enviro-Cap along with any hydraulic mulch and mixing it in a 1:1 ratio in your hydro mulcher and with proper spray application, will meet all Federal specifications for alternate daily cover. Enviro-Cap® is available in 40 lb. bags and contains a blend of several ingredients including an odor control product; all the ingredients needed to form a cementious crust when added to your choice of hydraulic mulch. Any local hydraulic mulch whether it be paper, blended, or a wood mulch can be mixed with this special dry, powder form additive, making a thick oatmeal like material that can be sprayed as an alternate daily cover. Creating your own ADC mulch may provide a savings for you when you compare this additive to the purchase and shipping price of ADC Mulch. With Enviro-Cap ADC Additive, you don’t have to ship in bulky ADC mulch, just use your own mulch and add Enviro-Cap!

Cap it – with Enviro-Cap!

When Enviro-Cap is mixed with your mulch it will meet the following Federal requirements:

Meets ASTM D4982-95:
Flammability Potential Screening Analysis of Waste

Meets ASTM D6523-00:
Standard Guide for Alternative Daily Cover for Sanitary Landfills:

  • Minimize vector breeding and animal attraction
  • Control leachate and erosion
  • Reduce fire hazard potential
  • Minimize blowing litter
  • Alleviate odors
  • Provide an overall aesthetic appearance
  • Allow accessibility regardless of weather

Application: Enviro-Cap is easy to load and mix with your mulch.

Mix one bag of Enviro-Cap with one bag of hydraulic mulch to 100 gallons of water in your hydro mulcher. This combination of materials covers 900 square feet and the loading and discharge of this slurry takes less than one hour. Enviro-Cap is “user-friendly” and “earth-friendly,” it’s biodegradable and non-toxic.

Please call or email us for pricing on Enviro-Cap.

The Kincaid 1200LF Landfill Mulcher can cover 8,000 s.f. of area in one load and apply it in mere minutes. The Kincaid 1200LF can also be used for other landfill operations: Hydro Seeding / Watering for newly seeded areas / Fire fighting / Dust Control / Washing equipment.

Apply our Emerald's ADC Mulch with our
Kincaid 1200LF Landfill Mulcher and change dirt into dollars! $

Click here to learn more about our specially designed off-road mulcher the Kincaid 1200LF.

To learn more contact Emerald for a free copy our ADC Catalog.

Mulching Landfill Trash with Waste-Cover
Waste-Cover Landfill Mulch
Mulching Landfill Trash with Waste-Cover
Waste-Cover Landfill Mulch
Mulching Landfill Trash with Waste-Cover
Landfill Managers - Don't be the last to know!
A recent article in The Bulletin, Bend, Oregon's newspaper explains the benefits of using a hydromulch system for landfill daily cover.

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