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Bowie Straw Mulchers
Bowie LDB-90 Aero-Mulcher Straw Mulchers

This is it! The machine to use for covering large or smaller areas with hay/straw. Nothing covers the job like a Bowie Aero-Mulcher. The built rugged -- built to last attitude is shown throughout the Bowie Aero-Mulcher. Rough job conditions or difficult materials? No problem. The job can be accomplished better and quicker with Bowie equipment. The 125 hp 4045T John Deere engine is a stand out in performance and reliability on this Bowie Aero-Mulcher.

The Bowie Aero-Mulcher makes you money job after job, year after year with it’s proven dependability. Dare to compare and your choice of the Bowie Aero-Mulcher will prove to be the right one!

LDB-90 Aero-Mulcher

  • 125 HP John Deere 4045T engine. Highest horsepower of any straw mulcher in the USA!
  • Up to 90 Ft. distance
  • Up to 20 ton/hour
  • 11 Cu. Ft. Beater Chamber
  • 30" Diameter, Six Blade Dynamically Balanced and Tuned Fan
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Automatic Feed
  • Rotating screen in front of radiator prevents straw build-up and engine overheating
  • Ground Clearance 11.5 inches

Watch an LDB-90 Aero-Mulcher in action!
Click the 4 Play button to start the video.


Powered by John Deere 4045T
125 HP Diesel Engine

Click a photo below to enlarge:


Bowie Aero-Mulchers® Click a model below for more details.


Engine HP



MG-30 Aero-Mulcher 25 hp 5 tons/hr 40 ft.
IDB-70 Aero-Mulcher 50 hp 7 tons/hr 70 ft.
LDB-90 Aero-Mulcher 125 hp 15-20 tons/hr 90 ft.

100% Financing for Hydroseeding Equipment Available
* All payments listed are 60-month term with $1.00 buyout option at lease end.
Leases and Equipment Finance Agreements are available.

Equipment Inquiry

Looking to buy a new hydro-seeder or straw mulcher? Have questions about our used equipment inventory? Fill out our electronic inquiry form or call us at 1-800-826-8873!

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